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    A Brand New You

    The New You Program is an amazing nutrition plan, fitness program and support system, all with the purpose of helping people get fit and healthy! We provide weekly meal plans, delicious recipes and challenging workouts that will help you attain a level of health you never imagined possible.

  • Online Community

    In today's busy world, it can be a challenge making time to see a nutritionist or trainer. The New You Program solves this problem with a groundbreaking online community. Interact with your Trainer & Nutritionist, ask questions, post photos, educate yourself and motivate others. All in one place!

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    Gain energy &
    get healthy

    Learn a new way of eating that will change the way you feel about food. No calorie counting, starving yourself or eating boring tasteless meals. The New You Program is a healthy, tasty, balanced nutrition plan that works!

  • Get in Shape

    The New You Fitness Programs are designed to get you fit! You will learn the most effective ways to lose body fat, get stronger and gain more energy than ever before. With step-by-step workout routines you can do anywhere, even if you're limited in time, space or equipment. Isn't it time for a New You?

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    Mobile support

    Ask questions, check your shopping lists, download new workout routines, communicate with fellow members and get motivation on the go. Access the members only New You Club from anywhere!

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A health and fitness program like you've never experienced before!

If you've struggled to get in shape and are confused about how to eat and exercise, this plan is for you.

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Check out our Testimonials!

We've been having amazing success!

"I've really been enjoying the amount of energy I have since starting the new you program in May. I also feel a lot less anxious, which is something I struggle with constantly. Thank you for the amazing meal ideas, the support in so many food/exercise situations and for bringing us all together to support each other!" - Zoe L

"The fat has literally been MELTING off :) I haven't cheated once, didn't even want to!! My Husband has been somewhat following, not as strict as me but he's losing weight as well :) We are both very happy with the results so far and we will continue to eat like this. Thanks again New You!!!!" - Tanya A

"Ran the Scotiabank half marathon yesterday. Ran a personal best 1hr 42mins and 32secs. As they say "get back on horse" went for a 4km run this morning to workout the tight thighs. I would like to thank Jade & Ariel and their New You Program for my success!!" - Joe N

"Ok have to share a huge success.I had to go take the dress back that I bought for the wedding this weekend it was a size 8...I got lucky and they had the same dress in a size 2. I thought there was no way it would fit...but yeah thats rightI now have a new dress for the wedding! sooo excited!" - Kathy R

"This program made me learn that eating with restrictionsisn't as hard as it is played out to be. In this challenge I lost 13 pounds (to date), which is something I never thought of myself doing because I have hypothyroidism. It's extremely difficult for me to lose weight. I feel so much better, and my afternoon crashes no longer exsist. The on-going support in the group is helpful, and awesome. I found Ariel and Jade to be knowledged, and willing to go the extra mileif you had some other limitations, or found some things difficult. This has made me feel healthy and vitalized - and that is something I haven't been able to feel in a long time" - Cassandra S

"I'm two weeks into your new you program and down 12 pounds so far! I'm not saying this program would get everyone to drop weight this fast (and maybe it does!), but if you are a sleep-deprived parent who has been neglecting themselves, then this is excellent for more than one reason! This has forced me to stop, look around at how I'm treating myself as far as sleep, exercise, meal times go and actually take care of me, instead of only taking care of my child. So I know we're only part way through but THANKS! I'm looking forward to see how I'll feel at the end of the program." - Tracy C

"Thank you Jade and Ariel for this amazing "new you" program! You are quite potentially saving my life right now - I was on my last thread, the last "diet" I ever wanted to be on. I don't feel like I'm on a diet - I feel like I'm finally giving my body and my brain what it needs. I actually slept through the night last night as well and that hasn't happened in years! Of all the programs I've tried, this is by far the best for me." - Teresa R

"What can I say. I cannot believe I've managed to lose 17lbs in 30 days :) You've definitely shown me a new way to approach eating. I guess the best thing is it didn't feel like a diet, just learning how to change my relationship with food. Thank you for everything!" - Ben T

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Jon - Before & After

A father of three, Jon has lost 35 pounds in a mere 60 days on the New You Program!

Check out his success story.

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Kathy - Before & After

Kathy is a 52 year old mother of three. She's lost over 20 pounds in only a few short months! Check out her success story.

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The New You Team

- The people behind this amazing program -

Jade McClure

Master Fitness Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

New You Team Jade

With over a decade of helping people get fit, Jade takes a different approach than most in his field. As a Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach, Master Fitness Trainer and Yoga Instructor his beliefs are rooted in the idea that you must become healthy if you want to become truly fit. Clients are treated to his holistic, three-stage approach, called The Jade Way which encompasses Exercise, Nutrition and Yoga.

Ariel Laakso

Holistic Nutritionist & Health Coach

New You Team Ariel

Ariel Laakso is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) and a graduate from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Since starting her private practice Nutrista she has been helping clients work through a wide variety of health concerns and specializes in a gluten-free, low grain approach. Ariel's favourite place to be is in the kitchen, coming up with new creative healthy recipes to share with her clients.

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